Software License Agreement

Article 1. general rules

This agreement stipulates the agreement between the customer and Zetta Linx Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") regarding the license of KODOMO Suite (hereinafter referred to as "this Addon").

  1. This Addon is licensed by us to the customer in accordance with the terms of this agreement, and the intellectual property rights such as the copyright of this Addon are not transferred to the customer.

  2. By installing this Addon, you are deemed to have agreed to this agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, please do not install it. If you terminate the use of this Addon in the middle, the annual usage fee already paid for the remaining period will not be refunded.

Article 2. subscription and trial version

  1. All functions of this Addon can be used by concluding a subscription contract with us. If you do not have a subscription contract, you can use it as a trial version with limited functions.

  2. The trial version is available free of charge.

Article 3. scope of usage right

We grant you the non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use this Addon as set forth in each of the following items.

  1. This Addon can be used in Japan.

  2. This Addon and related contents cannot be used as a logo mark or character, or as an image that symbolizes a specific product or service.

  3. This Addon cannot be used for purposes that are offensive to public order and morals.

  4. This Addon cannot be sold or resold.

  5. This Addon cannot be sublicensed, rented or lent regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge.

  6. This Addon cannot be reverse engineered, decompiled or disassembled.

  7. Do not modify, adapt, modify or make any other change to this Addon.

  8. Only end users with the number of purchased subscription licenses can install and use this Addon at the same time during the license period. [Subscription-specific]

  9. In the case of bid buying at a public institution, etc., this Addon can be used only during the lease period. [Subscription specific]

Article 4. disclaimer

  1. Even if the usage environment is specified by us in the manual, etc. attached to this Addon, this Addon does not always work according to the description in the manual, etc. If the customer uses these Addons and a software product provided by a third party in the same environment, the operation is not guaranteed. In addition, we do not guarantee the operation even if the specifications change due to changes in the usage environment after purchasing this Addon.

  2. Selecting, deploying, or using this Addon do not necessarily represent the expected effect of the customer.

  3. We do not guarantee any defects caused by fire, earthquake, lightning strike, actions by a third party or other accidents, intentional or negligence of the customer, misuse or other abnormal conditions.

  4. If the customer discontinues the use of this product due to a problem that cannot be dealt with due to repair or replacement of the program, etc., we will accept the refund of the price paid by the customer within 3 months from the date of purchase. However, this does not apply if the customer does not submit a receipt for this Addon. [Subscription-specific]

  5. The liability borne by the Company due to defects such as this Addon and the accompanying manual is the maximum amount actually paid by the customer, regardless of the reason. We and our affiliates are not responsible for any claim other than the price paid by the customer, such as a claim for damages from you or a third party. [Subscription specific]

Article 5. contract period

  1. This contract is effective from the day the customer installs this Addon. [Demo-specific]

  2. In the case of a subscription, this contract will be effective from the date of use applied to us. [Subscription specific]

  3. If you violate this contract, we may cancel this contract at any time.

  4. In the case of the preceding clause, the price of this Addon will not be refunded.

Article 6. agreement jurisdiction

In the unlikely event that a dispute arises with the customer, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.