Product Introduction


KODOMO Suite is a learning support tool for Google Workspace for Education (formerly known as G Suite) that comes with teaching material templates.

In addition to an easy-to-understand interface even to pupils in the lower grades, a keyboard in Japanese kana order and abundant school illustrations are attached so that children can learn to operate naturally while having fun, promoting the utilization of each Chromebook.

About subscription

  • A paid subscription is required to use all the features of these Addons.

  • For subscription registration, please contact us at the email address below.

E-mail : info(at) Replace (at) with @

About the trial version

If you have not subscribed, it will work as a trial version.

The trial version has the following restrictions.

  • Vertical writing, title decoration, etc. will be watermarked.

  • The number of commands that can be used in a day is limited to 20 times.


Soft keyboard

  • You can enter hiragana and katakana with the touch keyboard with Japanese syllabary.

  • You can enter the kanji for the first and second grades of elementary school from the list.

School illustrations

Contains a large number of illustrations such as map symbols that can be used in class, including illustrations of the seasons, animals and plants. You can insert them.

Supports vertical writing and ruby

You can convert the characters in the text box to vertical writing. It also supports ruby.

Title decoration

You can convert text box characters to shaded characters, extra-thick characters, and decorated characters such as gradations.

Shape style

You can change the background color, text color, and border of the figure at once.

Kids Menu

Slides functions can be operated with easy-to-use buttons.

List of Slides supported functions.

    • Text color change

    • Character qualification change

    • Character font change

    • Object placement

    • Object order

    • Object align

    • Shape insert

    • Slide insert

    • Slide delete