Application Privacy Policy

What types and methods of data does this Addon access?

Google account email address.

  • This Addon accesses the email address of the user who is signed in to google workspace.

  • This Addon accesses nothing but e-mail address. (Password, name, organization, etc. will not be accessed.)

  • Based on your Google account, Zetta Linx uses a Zetta Linx-managed cloud server to determine whether you are using a demo or a subscription.

Google Workspace document data.

This Addon accesses documents such as docs, spreadsheets, slides.

Various processing is performed on the data of the document.


  • Change the color of the character.

  • Convert text to images.

  • Insert an image of an external server.

The acquired data is only used inside the Addons and is not sent to or stored on an external server.

Google drive data

This Addon accesses the user-accessible google drive.

This Addon imports and exports docs, spreadsheets, and slides to documents.


Creates new data for multiple slides in google drive and exports it together to spreadsheets.

The acquired data is only used inside this Addon and is not sent to or stored on an external server.

Acquired data

The user's email address for this Addon is stored on the Zetta Linx management cloud server.

※This data will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

We save script runtime errors and error code line numbers to Google's logging cloud server in Zetta Linx Management. This data will be used for app maintenance.